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From “The School of Essential Ingredients”, by Erica Bauermeister.

“I remember my wedding cake,” said Claire. “I was so hungry––we hadn’t eaten all day. Here was this incredible cake––layers of chocolate and whipped cream and all these curlicues of thick, smooth frosting––and they kept making us pose for pictures. I told my husband I was starving, and he took a fork and just stuck it in the side of the cake and fed me a bite. My mother and the photographer were furious, but I always tell James that was the moment when I married him.”

There’s a great scene here, not just this story, where various members of a newly formed cooking class tell their stories of cake. If you like stories that remind you to stop and smell the lemons, read this book.


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This is my secret wedding blog. My guy and I are talking wedding, marriage, international moves, all that, but we’re not engaged yet. I need a space for my thoughts. This is it.

I also need a space to rant about the Wedding Industrial Complex and space to jump up and down over pretty things. Thanks, internet. You fill the void.


We met online a year ago, met IRL a few months later (long distance keeps up apart… so far apart). Thank goodness for skype.